Data Warehouse Content Training

The return on investment that businesses make in Information systems can only be realised if the system is used.

The key to unlocking value from your information systems is having users that understand the content in order to make decisions or unearth insights not previously available.

Why Choose busii?

At busii we are passionate about education and have a proven delivery record in providing bespoke quality training at large corporate clients to information providers within the organisation.

Our approach includes:

  • We will understand your training needs
  • study your environment and your data
  • create training material
  • deliver the required training to users

Key benefits

  • flexible / on demand training service
  • no need for an in house training competence
  • educated users who are able to extract information efficiently
  • less time spent searching for data and more time on understanding what it means and what to do about it
  • protect your information systems from uneducated and possibly harmful requests for data
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