Data Incident / 

Problem Management

Does your organisation require someone to identify and analyse any incidents that occur in your organisation, due to data anomalies, incorrect data processing, fraud or any other incidents?

Busii has many years experience of providing a data integrity incident management service, based on ITIL’s Service Operation guidelines.

It comprises the following:

  • Receiving perceived data anomaly queries
  • Categorising, prioritising, investigating and where possible diagnosing the users data query
  • Depending on the outcome of the investigation, either providing the user with an explanation in business terms, user training or logging a fix request to development
  • Where possible, provide a work around if development is required
  • Escalate data integrity incidents to various business and development stakeholders
  • Motivate & track the progress of a resolution
  • Check the resolutions post development
  • Close incidents and communicate with stakeholders where applicable

Our problem management life cycle comprises of :

  • Recurring root causes are identified, categorised, prioritised
  • Providing an advisory role in the problem resolution based on the incidents investigated and diagnosed

Allow us to provide you with a service that will minimise your data problems and improve service to stakeholders and customers.

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