BI Assessment Service

The BI service frequently needs to be re-examined to address challenges on different levels

With new business demands, shorter time frames and a more varied user base, applications that previously served a purpose are often no longer aligned with changing requirements.

busii has assisted several organizations in these situations to maximize the business value from their investment in BI. We are able to understand the many dimensions of each situation and make suggestions using tools and techniques we have developed over time, our experience of other environments and BI expertise.

Why Choose busii?

We do not impose a fixed, detailed assessment methodology, but rather base our engagement on the client context, to ensure that we add value.

This allows us to structure the engagement to most effectively serve the client’s needs. We can scale the assessment service from a few meetings to more structured, in-depth assessments where different business units are surveyed and detailed feedback provided

Key benefits

  • Reduced cost of ownership through cutting overhead and re-alignment of BI
  • Increased responsiveness to business needs
  • Clear direction for future development
  • Maximised business value from previous investments
  • Vendor/software agnostic

Some examples of previous engagements that demonstrate the benefits of our service

Large Telecommunications Company: The brief was to understand the cause of the rapid growth in demand for datalab space. Datalabs are user ‘sandbox’ areas in the data warehouse environment. More than 6000 tables were storing data in 38 datalabs. We selected key data lab users and interviewed them. We established the underlying reasons of the demand, identified the solutions and freed 2Tb of unneeded space. 36 new requirements were identifed and added to the software delivery roadmap.

Medium sized Co Operative: The original brief was to assist with the selection of a new Business Intelligence tool. However, we quickly established that the extent to which a BI tool would address the business BI needs was unknown. The scope of the exercise was extended to assess BI requirements throughout the organisation. The findings identified 40 business needs over 12 departments with 18 requirements topics across 6 distinct themes. Furthermore, it was identified that no single solution would address all the problems. We recommended the implementation of BI / MI as a service as well as focus on “quick win” solutions in addition to prioritizing the remaining requirements with the business users. The benefit to the client was a clearer BI strategy and a list of business prioritised requirements.

Retail Bank: busii was called in to assess a data warehouse re-development project which would have carried significant financial and opportunity cost whilst promising unclear business benefits. In our assessment we evaluated different solution options in relation to prioritized business opportunities and stakeholder needs. The outcome of the assessment was that the original project was cancelled, several issues were identified that could be dealt with during normal functioning of the department, and a smaller migration project initiated, all at much lower cost than the originally envisioned project and without significantly reducing service levels of the data warehouse team.

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